Can herniated discs heal?


Can herniated discs heal? Maybe most people diagnosed with a herniated disc questioning whether it can heal or not. Herniated disc is a back injury which can cause unbearable pain and commonly needs immediate medical care. This can happen in any part of your spine. Commonly, herniated discs happen in the lower back or lumbar spine, some affect the neck or cervical spine and, more infrequently, in the upper back or thoracic spine. Several factors cause this disc problem. First is age. As you age, your discs become dry and are not as elastic. The next factor is injury to your spine. Then the question is, can herniated discs heal?

Symptoms herniated discs

Well, before going further, it is better for us to know what the symptoms of this condition are. Symptoms which appear differ significantly, depending on the position of the herniated disc. If it is found in the neck then you may feel pain in your shoulders, arms or chest. If it is occur in the lower back, then it can result in pain and numbness in the buttock and down the leg or frequently called sciatica. If it is not pressing on a nerve, it may cause a backache or no pain at all but if it is pressing on a nerve, pain or numbness can happen in the part of the body leading from the nerve. If you do have weakness or numbness in your both legs, along with loss of bowel control, you must seek remedial attention immediately. It could be an indication of a rare but solemn problem known as cauda equina syndrome.

Treatments for herniated discs

Can herniated discs healMost discs problem rebuilds on its own over time (one to six months) and do not require surgery. Severe herniation may not heal on its own and may need surgical intervention. In this case, treatments are done to relieve pain, weakness or numbness which occurs in your leg and lower back. Other aim of treatment is to avoid further injury by training the patient techniques and exercises for care of the back. Treatment has also the purpose to promote a return to normal work and other activities.

Often a herniated disc can heal on its own by a process named resorption. For this reason, nonsurgical treatment is normally suggested before a surgery is considered. Nonsurgical treatment generally includes resting which followed by a continuing increase in activity, medication to control pain and inflammation, and exercises recommended by the doctor to help to lessen pain and strengthen the muscles that support the back.

Surgery may be required in only a small number (less than 10 percent) of people who have discs problem. Surgery may be considered for people who have progressive nerve damage or severe weakness or numbness or for those whose pain has not been relieved by other means.

Now, back to the main problem, can herniated discs heal? Sure it can. Many of the medical professionals are convinced that herniated discs have little to do with back pain and they will disappear if given appropriate treatment. So it is crystal clear that you have no reason to assume that your life is over just because you have developed a few bulging discs.

note : This article tells you what a herniated disc is, the symptoms, treatment, and whether it can heal or not.

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