Can high cholesterol cause headache


Can high cholesterol cause headacheCan high cholesterol cause headache - You know that high cholesterol is the similar thing with the high blood pressure, why? Because the factors that make both of disease is similar. But we have discussed about the high blood pressure and now this, we discuss about the high cholesterol. You know that what the cholesterol is and can high cholesterol cause headache? Like the previous discuss, before we discuss the high cholesterol, we have to know first about the high cholesterol deeply.

The disease of the cholesterol is one of the liquid that has the white color, like a candle that can found in every cell of the body because it is one of component of fat, which is produced by the heart. The function of the collateral is to build the wall cell, to make strong the cell membrane and make the certain hormones like steroid hormone. Basically, the cholesterol is need of the body to make hormone and vitamin D, and also it is a part of the gall acid, which destroys the fat in the system of digestion. Actually, the primer needed of the cholesterol is enough toward the fat, which is produced by the hearth if we consume the fat with more values, so it can produce the more cholesterol. The more cholesterol and it is not useful appropriate to the function will be mixed in the blood, so it can make the disease in our body.

Now, after you have known about the high cholesterol, we will talk about the cause of the high cholesterol. Well, actually, the high cholesterol happened to the people, who have the fat body or it can happen because the people has already old. But the first symptoms that are felt by the people are a headache and a pain. The first symptoms occur as the factor from the loss of oxygen. Then, if there is a question, can high cholesterol cause headache, it is true. Because it is the first factor that can be caused by the people.

The people who have the disease of the cholesterol, will get a headache. It happens because the cholesterol of the people it is included in the high level and the disease will continue to the other disease. Because of it, the disease of the cholesterol is dangerous for all people, even though, there are some people, who still let the disease of the cholesterol that many people still eat more and they forget about the disease of t e cholesterol itself.

Well guys, after you read this. You know that the disease of the high cholesterol is the very danger for the whole body and every body has to keep their health toward the disease of the cholesterol because it give the bad effect for body or may be, the people can die. So you have to avoid this disease to keep you're eating much. This article is about can high cholesterol cause headache. I hope that this article will be useful for you.

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