Can you die from depression


Can-you-die-from-depressionWell you know that about the depression and you know, can you die from depression. Well, as we know that depression is one of dangerous disease that have to abide by us because stress is difficult to cure if we got the stress itself. The causes of stress or depression itself is so much and actually, every person gets the depression because the different problem that is based on the people itself. We never know, what the depression gets the negative effect for us or maybe it can make us die, if it is like that, it means that the depression is very dangerous.

But before we discuss more about depressions, actually you know that what is depression itself? Why many people get the depression? And how are the people that get the depression itself? You know that, many people do the south side because they are depressed and because they can not solve their problem, they do the suit side to solve their problem. That is why, depression is not a small problem to face that you have to keep your spirit, your health to avoid the depression itself.

You know that, the decision of the suicide does not appear suddenly granted. Generally, before deciding to commit suicide, evil desire was preceded by the emergence of the depression. There are some signs that can be recognized from desperate people, who coming suicide. Unfortunately, the trend of the depression has increased lately. The reason could be due to environmental stress. Nevertheless, the signs of the depression are beginning to show signs still need to watch out wrong.

You know that, based on the research until now this, there are some people get the depression and it is about 350 million people throughout the world, and the problem is the similarity that the most of people have the problem toward the economy, environment, and in the social status. So can you die from depression?

Yes, it can be and it is possible for the people, who get the hard depression. The health of expert says, there is no area that id free from this one mental disorder and about 5 percents of the world's population suffers from depression within 1 year. This in not a disease in the developed countries, but it is a global phenomenon that occurs in both saxes and population rich and poor.

The worst impact of the depression can lead to suicide. Although it was not the only cause, but nearly 1 million lives are lost each year and more than half are depressed. Depression has been around for centuries, but we did not do anything about it, some have these conditions makes up less than half of depressed people receive the necessary treatment, says Dr Saxena. Dr. Saxena said that there is now an effective treatment for depression. Only health workers need to be more observant in seeing more signs of depression patient. Therefore, you know that can you die from depression itself.