Correlation between Poor Hygiene and Mental Illness


Poor hygiene is a kind of bad habitual that we must avoid in order making ourselves healthy. The habit in a dirty condition is one of the poor hygiene itself. Sometimes we are doing that activity unconsciously because there is no person who is understands at the first time about bacteria spreading in the dirty conditions.

One of the examples of it, in the condition of dirty, someone has to take a bath to clean his or her body in order to getting fresh after doing this activity, but this activity do not be done by other people who think that he or she are lazy to do that. All this time there are so many cases of poor hygiene that can be investigated and also the reason why poor hygiene itself appeared. Based on the research conducted by some other people in many instances, there are several factors are able to cause poor hygiene. There are at least 5 factors that can cause poor hygiene, such as; physical condition, psychological condition or mental illness, social condition, economic condition, and hospitalization.

Correlation between Poor Hygiene and Mental Illness

Physical condition

Based on these factors, we can see that a lot of factors above are very important problems in our life. These factors are interrelated each other that can build a poor hygiene or even a good hygiene in one’s personality. Maintaining personal’s hygiene is not simply as we imagine, as if it is need so much time to open one’s eyes to the important thing of our healthy that can be achieved by doing a good hygiene. Physical condition is one of the factors that influenced in building a good hygiene for people. For example, when people are very tired after doing their activities for a long time, they have to relax and enjoy themselves in a bathroom to take a bath. It can make our mind to be fresh anymore because this habitual is very good for our healthy not only physical but also mental. But, some people tend to do nothing without cleaning themselves when they feel tired of so many activities that have been done. It can cause a poor hygiene for their body and also support the spreading of bacteria in our body even can infect other people around us.

Mental illness

Another factor is physical condition or well known with mental illness. It also influenced in building poor hygiene habit that also can cause several infection in our body. Mental illness itself is related to lack of motivation, anxiety, depression, and also loss memory to keep our body healthy by doing a good habitual. Sometimes people are very lazy to clean their body in order to keep the body healthy because of the lack of motivation itself. Most of people think that how important to clean our body when we feel tired after work hard along the day. They prefer go to bed and sleep after so many activities which make them tired to taking a bath for releasing a lot of bacteria in their body. This phenomenon is very bad related to our healthy, but sometimes people need to be open their eyes to think that this habit is not good in order to maintain our hygiene.

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