Long term effects of gonorrhea


Long term effects of gonorrheaLong term effects of gonorrhea for women and men are very different. We should know this, that we should not underestimate gonorrhea if symptoms occur to you. Gonorrhea will cause effects if not treated completely. Sometimes we ignore the symptoms are gone, but the fact that the disease is still present on your body.

Long term effects of gonorrhea in men

Gonorrhea infections can cause pain and discharge from the tip of the genitals. The liquid that comes out is caused by inflammation in the testes, and if it is not treated medically may cause infertility in men.

Long term effects of gonorrhea in women

Symptoms of gonorrhea infections in women just like a men. In women gonorrhea infections cause an increase in vaginal discharge, pain during urination, genital bleeding and pelvic pain. If the symptoms come and not immediately treated, long term effects that arise are bacteria can spread to the uterus and fallopian tubes, causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Gonorrhea can also affect the cervix and can infect babies at birth. The other long term effects of gonorrhea in women is that can cause ectopic pregnancy or infertility (where the baby begins to grow outside the uterus) or deliver the baby early.

Gonorrhea can be prevented and cured, if you think it might have gonorrhea, contact your local health clinic and make an appointment. It is easy and completely confidential.

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