What does kidney stones feel like


What does kidney stones feel like? Many people are familiar with this one. Yes, kidney stones are illness which most of people are potentially can be suffered from. Actually, what are the kidney stones? Kidney stone is the illness in the urinary track. It appears because there is a process of concentration of the substances from the blood which are left in the kidney and form the stone in a various shape and size. It has various classification and name. Based on the place they occur, there are three kinds of kidney stones. In the kidney, it is called nephrolithiasis, ureterolithiasis in the ureter, and in the bladder is cystolithiasis. From their composition there are calcium stones, struvite stones, uric acid stones and cystine stones. For the women, you do not have to worry because most of the sufferers are men and it is about 80% from the total number. Most of the sufferers are the men who are in under 20.

But, can you imagine if you become the one of the sufferers? What does it feel? What kidney stones look like? It is better if you do not have any experience with this illness. Kidney stones are very painful and hurt. How we know that we suffer from the kidney stones? Can we identify it earlier? Usually, the sufferers of kidney stones do not really aware about the symptoms until the kidney stones become bigger and hurt.

Symptoms of kidney stones

What does kidney stones feel likeYou can recognize the symptoms of kidney stones. It is probably bad, but I think it is not too late. First, the most common symptoms that occur are a painful feeling while urinating. Sometimes you will have urinating irregularly and more often. And if you want to pee, the urine that coming out is just a little or maybe just some drops. And if you walk, you will more likely bow than walk properly like a normal people. It is because your lower back can’t stand upright because the painful feeling from the kidneys.

Some people may feel vomiting and nausea. It is because the works of kidney also influence the ingestion of our body. And most of women sufferers compare the feeling of having kidney stone is likely having childbirth. It feels like you want to have something come out but it stop. It is very bad experience to have kidney stone.

The location they are formed

Some people may curious about what a kidney stone looks like. There are many shapes of kidney stone in a various size from the small, medium and big. The stones may be as small as a grain of rice until as big as an egg of a gecho. Some of them may be soft and smooth so they are not dangerous, but some them are big and rough so they will hurt the kidney or urine track depend on the location they are formed.

If the kidney stone is in a very serious condition, it must to get medical treatment in the before it is getting worst. But if it is in the symptom stage you can drink water much more. Avoid the food which contain high calcium or another substances that cause a kidney stone occur.

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