White discoloration on skin


White discoloration on skinThe white discoloration on skin usually is often known as white spot. If you find any abnormal natural color changes in the skin it is known as skin discoloration. Many people ask how to get rid of white spots on the skin? This suggests that people who have skin conditions like these are also very much.

Understanding the causes of white spots will help in handling them properly. What causes white spots on the skin? white discoloration on skin is usually as white spots, shapes and may also vary in size from small white dots to mark the great white. They may even be itchy. Let's look at what causes white spots on the body.

White discoloration on skin it's generally caused by exposure to sunlight, resulting in abnormalities of melanin in the skin become white patches. Frankly, cause melanin-producing cells of the damage is unknown. Several patterns can be identified and theory involves:

• Can run in the family

• Possible interference immunity

• Autoimmune disease-hyperthyroidism

• Often appear age range 20-30

• More noticeable with dark skin

Pityriasis Alba

The white discoloration on skin that affects in children and adolescents. If your child has this condition will usually appear on the upper arms, neck, shoulders, and they may be very itchy. It also causes dry, scaly patches on the face. There is a precise cause is not found for this condition. These white patches on the skin are more visible during the summer because the surrounding skin tanning. In winter, this patch change appears dry and scaly.


Vitiligo is a white discoloration on skin after sun exposure. It usually appears as white spots or patches of skin. This is because vitiligo destroys the cells that produce skin pigment. Vitiligo is common in people with autoimmune diseases such as hyperthyroidism, anemia, pernicious anemia and adrenocortical insufficiency, certain types of alopecia areata. Vitiligo is also often runs in families, so there may be genetic as well.

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